Hexagon Glass Terrarium

This hexagon glass terrarium with fairy lights adds an elegant flair to any space.
It’s a stylish addition to any coffee table or office space, and soft light from the fairy lights creates a soothing and relaxing ambience.
This glass terrarium has a whimsical design and holds a candle or up to four small plants.

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    Hexagon Glass Terrarium

    Hexagon Glass Terrarium The one-of-a-kind geometric design is topped off with an LED fairy light,
    Turning any green thumb’s new pride and joy into a bit of a centrepiece.
    Our glass terrarium features a fairy light design.

    The included lights are battery-operated and are strung along the inside of your terrarium.
    On/off switch included. The terrarium comes with a hook for hanging.

    • Hexagon Glass Terrarium

    • Glass Terrarium